Unheeded Warnings: Special Agent George E.H. Day

Unheeded Warnings: Special Agent George E.H. Day

In a report written January 1, 1862, and sent to President Abraham Lincoln, Special Agent George E.H. Day penned these words:

“The Indians are decreasing in numbers and yet their payments never increase but year after year have also decreased to each person and in the aggregate.  The whole system is defective and must be revised or, your red children, as they call themselves, will continue to be wronged and outraged and the just vengeance of heaven will continue to be poured out and visited upon this nation for its abuses and cruelty to the Indian.”

This was just one of many upon many warnings sent by George E.H. Day.  Just eight months following this warning, war broke out between the Dakota Indians and the United States Government.  It is interesting to note that Day was not the first to make such observations.  Rather, in the years prior to 1862 there were numerous warnings that followed same line of reasoning.  Yet, despite these warning from numerous and varied sources, little or nothing changed and it resulted in war.

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