Free Kindle Ebook – Reviewers Wanted

Free Kindle Ebook – Reviewers Wanted

Resisting Removal: The Sandy Lake Tragedy of 1850, Colin Mustful’s new historical novel, will be officially released on September 30, 2019. Using real correspondence and documentation from the time period, Mustful’s novel tells the story of the Lake Superior Ojibwe’s efforts to resist the illegal removal efforts of the United States government and Minnesota territorial governor Alexander Ramsey. The story follows real-life interpreter Benjamin Armstrong who fights to help the Ojibwe keep their homeland on Madeline Island. After four hundred Ojibwe perish at Sandy Lake because of the negligence of U.S. government officials, the La Pointe Ojibwe, led by Chief Buffalo, travel all the way to Washington DC to express their grievances to the President. In 1854, through much heartache and after years of mistreatment and continued efforts to remove them, the Ojibwe finally earned a new treaty that promised permanent reservation homes in their homeland. But in the end, what was won and what was lost—and ultimately, whose narrative does history remember?

As the release date for his new novel approaches, Mustful is seeking honest and unbiased reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and wherever book reviews are found. If you are interested in reviewing this compelling and historically detailed novel, email the author at mnauthor@colinmustful.com. Books are limited and will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. Review copies are free and will be provided as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

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