Address to Minnesota

Address to Minnesota

This Address to Minnesota was printed in the Minnesota Pioneer, Minnesota’s first daily newspaper, on July 7, 1851.

Land of the Prairie, green and wide, Land of the crystal cascade flow, Land where old Mississippi’s tide Leaps o’er the rocks, and boils below.
Land where the green earth, and the sky Meet in far distance, and the blue, Still haze, obscures the gazer’s eye, And closes the majestic view.
A pilgrim treads thy sunlit shore, Far from his distant home away,         And ‘mid the deafening torrent’s roar, Indites to thee this humble day.
Lake Pepin’s waters, still and deep, Have met the pensive pilgrim’s view, “Winona’s rock,” abrupt and steep, Hath o’er him reared its summit blue.
Saint Anthony, thy Falls sublime, Have so led the pilgrim’s feet below,     As on the first fair day of time, Thy great Creator saw thee flow.
Saint Peter, thy majestic steam, Whose fountains in the far far west, Reflect the sunlight’s latest gleam, As sinks the parting day to rest.
Thy stream hath met the pilgrim’s gaze, And as he musing trod thy shore, He saw, in the dim future’s haze, Thy lawns with cities sprinkled o’er.
He saw the Railway thread the plain He heard the Iron coursers neigh,  He saw the telegraphic chain Dart light and lightning far away.
He saw thy domes, fair Science, rise Upon the consecrated sod,                  He saw the steeple pierce the skies, To point the wayward heart to God.
But soon from this delightful land the pilgrim’s feet must turn away,     And his lone foot-prints in the sand, Be blotted out, and last for aye.
Bright Minnesota, fare thee well! Thy fond remembrance ne’er shall fade, ‘Till tolls the pilgrim’s latest knell, And cold in dust his from is laid.
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