A Note to Readers

A Note to Readers

I would like to extend my gratitude for all those who helped make my summer book tour a positive and enriching experience.  Thank you to those who helped organize and promote each event.  Thank you to those who attended the events.  Thank you to those who read my books and provided feedback.  Thank you to those who gave me food, lodging, hospitality and other necessities.  Thank you to my employers for being understanding and flexible.  Thank you.

In addition to the end of my book tour, I have also recently completed the blog series, 25 Lessons from Ceding Contempt.  As I move forward I will continue to support the work I have created while creating potential new projects.  Although I do not what projects or opportunities may arise, I will continue to update you, my readers, about me and my work.  Thank you for your patience and support.

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