Author Colin Mustful writes a unique cross-genre utilizing elements of fiction and nonfiction.  Through this method of writing, the author seeks to create compelling and educationally valuable stories.  Readers are encouraged to consider the real-life people and events that inspired these stories.  In order to assist students and educators, the author has created study aids to help readers think about and discuss the complicated and important historical events conveyed throughout the author’s work.

Below you can view and print these study aids.

Additionally, Colin has compiled his research into one comprehensive resource titled, Confronting Minnesota’s Past.  This electronic resource combines important headings, relevant images, links to further research, a full bibliography, questions for further discussion and more.  Click here to preview the text on Amazon.  

Fate of the Dakota – Study Aid

Fate of the Dakota – Teachers’ Supplement

Grace at Spirit Lake – Study Aid

Grace at Spirit Lake – Teachers’ Supplement

Ceding Contempt – Study Aid

Ceding Contempt – Teachers’ Supplement


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