Reading Level

Reading Level

A note from the author –

I have written my novels with the knowledge that the U.S. – Dakota War of 1862 and its preceding history is a required part of the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards for Social Studies. With this in mind I have geared my writing toward educating young readers in a manner that I believe is objective, thought-provoking and thorough. However, I have also tried to maintain a style that is vibrant and engaging for adult readers seeking an entertaining narrative.

Lexile Measures

According to its website, the Lexile Framework for Reading is, “a scientific way to match readers with text using the same scale. Lexile measures connect learners of all ages with resources at the right level of challenge.” Below you will find a table of Lexile bands or ranges which was created by the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Grade Band   Current Lexile Band   “Stretch” Lexile Band
K-1                               N/A                                          N/A
2-3                        450L-730L                          420L-820L
4-5                        640L-850L                          740L-1010L
6-8                        860L-1010L                       925L-1185L
9-10                     960L-1120L                       1050L-1335L
11-CCR             1070L-1220L                     1185L-1385L


In order to gauge the reading level of my novels, I have submitted several excerpts from each book into the Lexile Text Measure.  Below I have listed the average Lexile Measurement for each novel as taken from five random samples.

Fate of the Dakota – 964L
Grace at Spirit Lake – 946L
Ceding Contempt – 964L

To learn more about Lexile Framework for Reading and what they mean visit,