Chief Little Crow in the novel Ceding Contempt as drawn by Frank Blackwell Mayer, 1851.


Dakota warrior Wasuhowaste in, Grace at Spirit Lake, spots the enemy far off among the trees.  (Illustration by Bennett Berning)

abbie presentation2

Abbie Gardner in, Grace at Spirit Lake, is given a headdress at her presentation ceremony.  (Illustration by Bennett Berning)

alfred at little crow's house 3

Alfred Riggs in, Fate of the Dakotahalts an impassioned group of Dakota braves. (Illustration by Jamar Smith)


Portrait of Juan Manuel de Rosas, a central figure in the essay titled The Generation of 1837 (by Calixto Tagliabúe, 1833)

alfred at the redwood agency

Alfred Riggs in, Thy Eternal Summer, looks on helplessly as the Dakota Indians attack the Lower Agency.  (Illustration by Jamar Smith)

Abbie taken captive2

Abbie Gardner in, Grace at Spirit Lake, taken captive by Inkpaduta and the Wahpekute Indians.  (Illustration by Bennett Berning)

Council with Cullen2

Major Cullen in, Grace at Spirit Lake, councils with Little Crow and the Dakota of the Upper Sioux Agency.  (Illustration by Bennett Berning)

Flandrau with Other Day

Charles Flandrau in, Grace at Spirit Lake, meets with Dakota Indian guide John Other Day atop a high butte.  (Illustration by Bennett Berning)

 rescue of springfield victims2

Refugees from Springfield in, Grace at Spirit Lake, see their rescuers off in the distance.  (Illustration by Bennett Berning)

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