“Grace at Spirit Lake is a coming of age story not only for its characters, but for the State of Minnesota.  Through tragedy, misunderstanding, adventure, toil and grit Minnesota took its first precarious steps towards reconciling traditional Dakota life with European modernity on the mid-nineteenth century western frontier.  As Mr. Campbell struggles to come to terms with who he is, so too does Minnesota.  Colin Mustful provides a window for us to peer into this episode of early Minnesota history that may help us better understand our current reality.”

– Sean Beggin, Assistant Principal, Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11

“In both Thy Eternal Summer – The U.S. – Dakota Conflict of 1862 and Grace at Spirit Lake Colin Mustful does a great job of objectively describing historical events between the Dakota people and white government.”

– Carline Sargent, Multicultural/Diversity Liason, St. Francis ISD #15

“The young idealistic protagonist, Alfred Riggs, recalls his thoughts ad experiences thru this difficult segment of American Settler/American Indian history. Throughout these conflicts between the two groups both character and situational development enable the reader to closely
follow the events and identify w/these strong people in their opposing struggles.
The author has crafted a consistent story-telling style in which the reader is drawn in with pertinent information but left to examine the closely documented facts. An apt title~as Shakespeare said, . . . ” ‘Thy Eternal Summer’ shall not fade.” Indeed.”

– Barbara J. Palmer, Review posted to Amazon

“This account of the 1857 massacre at Spirit Lake, IA, is told from the perspective of Antione Joseph Campbell. Joseph had a unique perspective of these historical events as a translator for the US government. He had a view of both sides of the conflict with his heritage coming from both White and Native American parents. The author uses historical accounts to tell the story from mostly Joseph’s conflicted point of view. I gave this 3 stars mostly because I found the recount confusing during the first half of the book. By the second half, though, I was hooked. I felt an urgency, alongside Joseph, to find a clear explanation of what happened and why.”

– Tracie, Review posted to GoodReads

Best analysis of the formation of Argentina – Among the various books I read on the subject, this outshines all because of its unbiased and accurate descriptions.

– Americo, Review on the essay The Generation of 1837 posted on